Things You Weren’t Aware of About the Living Conditions in the White House

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There are probably two questions that are in everyone’s minds and the one of them is what it is like to live in the White House. The second one must be what it is to like to live in the Windsor Castle. Going back to the first one, many sub-questions pop up about the daily activities of the First family of the U.S, the people who work for them and the operation of the House. Aside from everything that Veep has showed us and people have told the media, there are other unknown pieces of information, many of them pretty scary and disgusting.

1. The West Wing is filled with cockroaches and mice

In 2017, the White House made a request for pest control, since there were mice getting into the Situation room and White House Navy mess food service area. Not only that, but insiders have said that cockroaches also make their appearance in these same rooms.

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2. The First family has to pay for their own food

The members of the First family have to pay for their own food, toothpaste, dry cleaning and any other personal need. The bill is sent to them at the end of every month. Fortunately for them, the food that is being served at the White House state functions is paid by taxpayers.

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3. The Wi-Fi connectivity is of very poor quality

It is understandable that such a huge place has issues with wi-fi connectivity. Barack Obama himself said that there are a few ‘dead spots’ around the White House.

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4. There is a dentist’s office in the basement

The basement of the White House isn’t a regular basement. It features a dentist’s office, a flower shop, a carpenter’s shop and an engineer’s shop.


5. There are Beehives in the property

If the family wants to eat honey, they can take it from their personal beehive, which was built in 2009 and is located near the First Lady’s vegetable garden.

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6. Opening a window is forbidden

For security reasons this rule makes sense, but it must be really frustrating to not be able to open a window and let the fresh air come in.

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7. All the wine served in the White House is american

The wine that is served in the White House comes exclusively from America and especially from Idaho, California and Virginia. French wine was taken out of the menu during the Ford administration.

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8. The First family watches movies before their official premiere

The White House Theatre has 40 seats and those who are invisted to sit can enjoy films that haven’t yet been released for public viewings.

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Some of these pieces of information make us jealous and some of them lucky that we live in houses that don’t have any restrictions or limitations and if they do it’s us who have set them.

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