This Cute Bunny Is More Stylish Than You Could Ever Hope to Be

Instagram | mumitan


Where would our knowledge end if it weren’t for Instagram? That is the place where anyone can share their story and their unique project. In this case, a woman named Mumitan started creating tiny outfits, which were made exclusively for her bunny to wear. She started posting the modeling images on Instagram and her little bunny has gained a respectable amount of followers and a bunch more attention by the internet world.

PuiPui the bunny is a Holland Lop bread, who changes into various costumes and looks adorable in each and every one of them.

Instagram | mumitan

Mumitan, the owner of the bunny, creates on her own the costumes that are usually themed.

Instagram | mumitan

Sherlock Holmes and English Beefeater are two of the most easily recognizable themes of PuiPui’s costumes.

Instagram | mumitan

He poses in front of the camera like a pro and manages to stay focused on his job.

Instagram | mumitan

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