This Dog Can Imitate His Owner’s Facial Expressions And They Results Will Surprise You!


Front image by | @Li4mricee</p

It all started about a month ago when Liam Rice posted a couple a pictures on Twitter of him and his dog. Sounds common, doesn’t it? What did make these images go viral is that the dog could perfectly imitate Liam’s facial expressions. It is very weird and creepy at first sight, but overall I believe it is kind of cute.

1. This is Liam with his dog.

Image by | @Li4mricee

Both handsome, right?

2. What a charismatic husky.

Image by | @Li4mricee

The name is Luna by the way.

3. Once Liam posted these pictures, people immediately reacted to it.

Image by | @Li4mricee

And that’s the thing to do.

4. These dog owners tried to do the opposite thing; that is taking the same facial expression of their dog.

Image by | @cassandrandrade


5. That was a good one!

Image by | @GoogleBizTog

Poor doggo!

6. Cats can slay the game too!

Image by | @Robertneary

Oh yeah!

7. In general, it is quite easy to copy your dog’s facial expressions; just look into the camera with your eyes wide open.

Image by | @Jwoohoo

Isn’t that cute?

8. Omg! This is one had me cracking up!

Image by | @YaneAUSA

Dogs a good in imitating humans, but the other way round is more hilarious, isn’t it?


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