This Girl Gets Herself a Chalkboard Prosthetic Leg and Captures Her Trips With It!


Life never stops. Even if you lose a leg or an arm you learn how to cope with that and see that life is not ending there, but a new beginning is rising. I assume that this is the moto of devgal, a Redditor, who decided to take her prosthetic leg and make a 4-week trip to Europe showing people that no matter what your physical setbacks are, you can make the life you want to have. All you need is energy, good will and great friends to follow you along your path.

1. Devgal has said that a congenital bone disease when she was a child made her right foot useless.

Reddit | devgal

2. She learned how to live with a prosthetic leg since the age of 4 and shows that she can be cool and funny about her situation.

Reddit | devgal

3. No matter how many the difficulties were in her life, she learned how to cope with them and is now living the life that she wants.

Reddit | devgal

4. Recently, she decided to make a 4-week travelling plan to Europe and turn her prosthetic leg into a chalkboard.

Reddit | devgal

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