This Is How Computers Will Look Like in Less Than a Decade from Now


Every time we talk about future inventions and how our current technology will change and evolve in appearance and features, we find it hard to believe that these changes will actually happen. Well, not every single hope and goal succeeds, but some of them do and it is best if we know what could be the next ‘it’ thing in a few years from now. Sony has withdrawn itself from the computer design game a couple of years now, but it wants to come back in the most dynamic way possible, by offering a new computer that looks nothing like the ones we are using today. I am not sure if the year 2020 will be the one that this design will be put out in the market, but the next decade will show if it can actually be used by people.



The Nextep Computer was designer by Hiromi Kiriki.



It is set to be worn as a bracelet, since it is made of flexible OLED touchscreen.



It features a holographic projector, pull-out extra keyboard panels and social networking compatibility.



It has been earmarked for 2020 and it is very possible to see it being used in the next decade.



How much do you think that this wrist computer would cost?



The Apple Black Hole is another design that is set to change everything we knew about desktop devices.



This might be the next iPhone that everyone will be using or a great concept lost in time.



Microsoft on the other hand is getting prepared to create a DNA-based computer by 2020. Details and further information can be found here, since there are so many technical terms that it would be too hard for me to explain.

Our world moves in extremely fast speeds and technology moves even faster. Although some of the future designs look amazing and rule-breaking, it doesn’t mean that they can be entered into our lives as fast as the designers would want. The world needs time to move from one invention to another.

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