This Is The World’s Saddest Cat Whose Pictures Will Break Your Heart!

Front image by | lanlan731

If you are a cat owner, then you now how cats are; demanding and very…very playful. Cats definitely get to have the best life as they always get want they want. As a result, we can assume that they are happy too. Well, this cat, named Luhu, despite being instagram famous, is extremely sad. She lives in Beijing with her owner, Maggie Liu.

Just look at her. 

Instagram | lanlan731

This picture is so heartbreaking. 

Instagram | lanlan731

When you are having deep conversations with yourself about life. 

Instagram | lanlan731

I wounder what on Earth is she thinking… 

Instagram | lanlan731

This cat became instagram famous just because she is sad…

Weird isn’t it..?

Instagram | lanlan731

When your friends force to go to parties you don’t want to… 

Instagram | lanlan731

7. Ugh… not Monday again! 

Instagram | lanlan731

8. She is so cute and sad! 

Instagram | lanlan731

Even by looking at these pictures you can’t help but go a little ‘awww’ when you see her exression.

What do you think?

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