This Is What Your Nail Color Choices Say About Your Personality


What nail color are you wearing? Silver? Black? Or simply nude or clear? I love experimenting with my nails because I love colors. The glamorous red, bubbly orange or cheerful yellow or just anything. I simply love expanding my horizons. But did you know the choice of color you wear on your nails says lot about you? Shocked? Yes, your nail color reflects your personality. Check out what your nail color says about you.

1. The glamorous red

Red is a sign of glamor. If you wear red color on your nails, it shows you are confident, easy to get along, audacious, sex and adventurous. So, wear it tonight and flaunt your diva side.

2. The cheerful yellow

Yellow signifies sun and warmth. The cheerful yellow color shows that you are straightforward, spontaneous and maverick. You have an extraordinary sense of style.


3. The youthful pink

Pink is associated with quietness. You are cute, ladylike, and a young soul.

4. The royal purple

The purple color signifies royalty. If you find this color on your nails, you’re as confident as any crown wearing princess. You are creative, and artistic.


5. The stormy black

Don’t mess with the bulls; you’ll get the horns. Yes, this is your personality if your nails are dressed up in this color. You are sophisticated, fashionable and sensitive. You have a lifestyle full of excitement.

6. The clear natural nails

Just the way you are! You don’t need colors for your nails; they are naturally beautiful. You are too busy to play with colors. You are classic and stay away from fashion trends.


7.The stylish golden

Cynosure you’re, you have a knack for being the center of attention. You’re glamorous, fashion forward and distracting element. The only thing that shines in your nails is your personality.

9. The pretty nude

If you’re a Jennifer Aniston follower, you must be wearing it. You are feminine without the high maintenance. You get along with everything. Pretty and glamorous, but you do not follow every trend.


10. The trendy burgundy

You’re a classic hot chick. Deep and dark like the wine, you have a sharp personality and you love accepting challenges.

11. The energetic neon

Life is too short; this is the attitude you carry. You are energetic, vivacious and full of life. You are the who brings the house down. You are the life of the party. You are one who acts clumsily and get everyone LOL-ing.


So, what do you think? Were we accurate or not at all? Write down in the comments below!