This Old Church Was Transformed Into a Modern House With Clearing Aura


The concept of converting a church into a modern house seems to be very popular nowadays. Maybe it’s because churches are sacred places, where people must be civil and quiet, so just the thought of living in one and doing all the usual and ordinary things that you do to your home seems weird. But, weirdness has always attracted people and motivated them, so it must not come as a surprise that converting a church into a contemporary house is on today’s architects and interior designers agendas.

1. This conversion was performed on an old Victorian church in London that was not used anymore.


2. Gianna Camilotti Interiors was in charge of the conversion. Gianna is an award-winning interior designer, so the success of the project was a sure thing.


3. Gianna retained the high ceilings of the church and the stained-glass windows and combined them with bright white walls and flooring.


4. The house has a big living area, with a big couch and TV screen, a piano and a small sitting area for private talks.


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