This Year’s Oscar Nominated Films Expressed Through People’s Eyes


The year 2017 was one of the worst in film, since we only were lucky to see a very small number of good movies. Not only that, but the summer of 2017 reached a historic low point in ticket sales which was last seen over a decade ago. This low point in sales represents the quality of the movies that were released during the summer, but looking before and after that period the story isn’t getting any better. I would say that it is the first time after many years that there isn’t a huge variety of films that are eligible for awards and deserve Oscar nominations. The films that deserve to go to that night are pretty obvious and I would name only The Florida Project and Mudbound as the two snubs that deserved more nominations. Websites like TheShiznit and CollegeHumor have used their imagnation to create ‘honest’ posters for this year’s Oscar nominated films.


Get Out!

One of the two movies that are the people’s favorites this year got various nominations and we have to admit that having a horror film going at the Oscars is very exciting.


I, Tonya

Biographical films usually get their stars Oscar nominations, but are not exceptionally good on their own. I, Tonya broke that stereotype and it’s a shame that it’s not nominated for Best Picture.


The Post

I would put a different title: The Movie That Will Win Meryl Street Another Oscar Nomination.


Call Me by Your Name

It wasn’t a bad movie, but it wasn’t something we haven’t already seen in the queer cinema scene.


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