Times When People Proved That They Are So Ahead of Our Time

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Being ahead of your time is something that many people try to achieve, but either they hilariously fail in their effort to fo so or they merely succeed. However, it seems that there are quite a few geniouses who manage to jump ahead of time and make progress that no one had ever imagined before. For some of them many of you might have made the exact same thought, but it’s not the one who thinks about it the pioneer, but the one who brings it to life.




I don’t know if it takes less time, but it surely looks genious.


Twitter | sophiebillo1

When you ask your mom to bring you the charger from upstairs and she shouts ”call for the dog”.



Twitter | LifeOfSalman

Why pay for something that he can perfectly do on his own?


Twitter | NoIAmNaomi

Is it impossible for him to have the bible on his phone?




Who needs a cameraman?


Twitter | cindrellayyyyyy

Why hasn’t any of the big shot hairstylists thought of that?



Twitter | motinvasion

Just going out with my friends from the comfort of my own house.



This is how you find an empty seat in a packed bus.




His mom said that he couldn’t have a pool. Well, guess what?



When you just need to protect your eyes area.


Twitter | nothinbutlag

This person has already moved to 3000.



Being innovative doesn’t require us to have loads of money, but just put our brains to operation mode. This way our lives get better and a lot funnier.

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