Tiny Donkey Thinks He’s Actually A Dog


Meet Tiny Tim: a unique donkey who thinks he’s one of the dogs!

Tiny Tim was born in 2017. When he was a newborn, his owners weren’t sure if he was going to survive.

Tiny Tim’s parents, Jody and Ted, own a farm in Ontario. One day, the couple and their son went out to the barn to check on the donkeys, horses, and ducks. One of the ducks seemed agitated, and when Jody got closer, she saw what looked like a gray rabbit. She examined the animal and realized it was actually a miniscule donkey. Jody guessed her donkey Molly was his mom, but Jody hadn’t even known she was pregnant since she hadn’t shown at all.

Unfortunately, Molly rejected Tiny, and so Jody and Ted brought him into their house.

Jody wasn’t sure if Tiny was going to make it—he was smaller than any donkey she’d ever seen before, and he was also having liver problems. But Jody was determined to help him, and for the first week, she fed him every 20 minutes with a syringe. She did 24 hours a day.

During the day, Tiny hung out in a playpen. At night, he slept by his parents’ sides.

All of Jody’s hard work paid off. Tiny got stronger and stronger, and soon he was able to run around and play with the family’s two dogs!

Tiny loved hanging out with the dogs, and he soon started taking on their mannerisms. The donkey played with the toys like a dog, and he even went outside to use the bathroom with the other dogs.

“He takes on characteristics of dogs. He fetches a ball, licks plates as I load the dishwasher and sleeps on a dog bed,” Jody told People.

Jody hoped that she would be able to move Tiny to the barn at some point, but it soon became clear that he wouldn’t survive outside the house.

“Because of his size, he would definitely be killed even by a real small donkey or a very small horse,” Jody said.

Still, Tiny doesn’t mind spending his life indoors. He loves everything about his house and his family!

Jody started a Facebook page to share photos and videos of Tiny. The page quickly got over 300,000 followers—everyone loves learning more about Tim and seeing videos of him thriving!

How did you get up there?

Tiny is so silly!

Gepostet von Tiny Tim the Mini Donkey am Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2018

Jody also shared that Tim’s all-time favorite activity is throwing pillows into her swimming pool.

“It started last summer. He would grab the pillows off the lawn furniture and throw them in the pool,” Jody said. “I think his best day’s total was 22 pillows in the pool in one day.”

Tiny is a hilarious little donkey with a big personality. We’re so glad this donkey is doing so well after his rough start! If you want to learn more about Tiny, check out the video below. If you’d like to see more photos and videos of the donkey, head to his Facebook page.


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