How to Fix Your Damaged Hair in Those Easy Steps


Many women -no matter their age or hair type- come across the problem of damaged hair. It’s mainly because they dye their hair or, even worse, bleach them. That’s not necessarily bad, but you do need to give your hair long resting periods, in which you must treat them the best way possible so that they can get back both their health and their natural shine.

Try not to wash your hair daily, because all the good oils are being washed away.

A good conditioner-mask can go a long way.

Experts also advise to use an overnight hair mask once a week, depending on your hairtype.

Choose a mask that is based on coconut oil.

It will really help to seal that moisture in.

Frequent trims or a good haircut will surely help your hair rebuild their lost health.

Once a month is ideal, but if you can’t do that, at least visit your hairdresser every 2- 3 months.

Avoid using heat generating devices, like blow dryers and straighteners.

After washing your hair, wrap it with a towel and let it dry naturally. If you need to use heat sometimes, definitely add some heat protection to your haircare routine.

If going to swim in a pool make sure to use products to protect your hair from the damage of chlorine.

It can mess with your dye job too. I bet you don’t want that!

During the summer, you should try and protect your hair from excess sunlight.

The sun can be really damaging for your hair. A good solution to this problem, would be to use hair products that have spf in them.

Use olive oil for hydration either in its plain form or as a mask ingredient.

This is how you treat damaged hair: