Tips That Will Help You Increase Your Personal Security Level

5. Shopping online

Online shopping is great, but you should never shop from a place that you don’t know. Search reviews for an online shop if it is the first time you’re hearing about it.


6. Posting on social media

This is lesson number 1, but it feels like it bears repeating. Don’t post explicit photos and avoid posting the place you are when you are there. Geotags are the easiest way for someone to find you.


7. Public places

Public places may seem safe, but also they can be pretty dangerous. Do not be afraid to shouts if someone tries to harrass you and you should probably call the police immediately.


8. Car safety

Putting on your seat belt is not the only rule. You should also refrain from parking your car in abandoned spaces and always keep your keys in your hand when approaching your vehicle.


Safety should always be your first concern. This is the one factor that if you show less attention than you should, it could turn out disastrous for you.

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