Tips To Make Your Long Distance Relationship Last


Long distance relationships always start with the best of intentions from both sides, but often hit a point where you feel like you just don’t move forward. The effort you have to put in order to maintain your connection is huge and some people are just not meant for it. Although, when you don’t want to lose someone you need to learn how to make things work through your phone. It will be extremely hard at some point and you might get tired, but it’s in your hand to regain your strength and keep going. That’s only if you want to stay together with the other person.

1. Do not make your most serious conversations through the phone or texting.


That way, a lot might be misunderstood and extra problems may appear.

2. Learning about the way your partner functions in a strenuous situation with a lot of conflict will help you resolve your issues a lot easier and faster.


It might sound like common sense, but it really isn’t for some people.

3. Be creative in finding different ways to express your love for your partner. 


Why don’t you send a letter instead of the usual text?

4. Don’t expect your partner to reply to every text within seconds. 


You are both busy people, with your personal life, where space and patience is important.

5. Learn how to have a good time on your own.


Find new friends, maybe a hobby and go out more often. Learn to enjoy yourself when your partner is not with you.

6. Don’t overdo it in talking, since things can easily turn dull. 


Stop the call when you feel that the conversation topics are over.

7. Intimacy can be kept from a long distance. 


Opt to do regular things together, like breakfast and dinner via video call. 

8. Choose to trust your partner unless he really does something inappropriate. Then, talk it out in an honest way. He will appreaciate it more than if you start yelling at him.


When you make the decision to go for a long distance relationship you should know all the trouble and efforts that you will have to make. If you don’t feel that you can maintain the connection you better be honest to your partner and end things before you end up hating each other.


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