Max: The deaf-blind Dog That Saved a Three Year Old Girl


A deaf and partially blind dog that protected and helped a 3-year-old girl, who went missing in the Australian savannah, won the praise of the police. Max, a 17-year-old Blue Heeler dog, was left next to little Aurora during a rainy night before leading the family and rescuers to the child, which authorities had been searching for in a rural area of ​​Queensland since Friday, when she disappeared.

“Leisa (the child’s grandmother) heard Aurora’s voice, then found Max leading her near her,” said Kelly Benston, Leisa’s partner. He added that the animal is deaf and partially blind. Police immediately anointed the four-legged hero a member of the police force.

Here is Max

The police forces had to work very hard on this operation

The search lasted for over 15 hours.

Max led a group from the search party to little Aurora.

The community was so grateful to Max for protecting Aurora that they decided to make him an Honorary Queensland Police Dog.

To learn more about this incredible story, watch the short news clip below.


To the relief of her family, Aurora, who was found about two miles from her home after disappearing for fifteen hours, has only a few scratches.