Toni Bratincevis’s 3D Art Is One of a Kind


When you watch a science fiction film, you see a magical world where imaginary stuff is happening and unearthy creatures are appearing in front of your eyes. This visualization of something that is not actuall existing is the job of the CGI people, the people who create a fake 3D world in their computers. Based on the budget that the film has, the CGI will be perfect or bad. The ability of the person behind the screen is also a factor, but it is mostly a money and production thing.

1. Toni Bratincevic is a Croatian 3D artist, born in 1977. Since a very young age he knew that computer generated art was going to be his occupation.


2. He started exploring the abilities that 3D programs would offer at the age of 17 and he was only getting better as years went by.


3. His parents could not afford an art school outside of Croatia, so he went to an Information Science university in the country.


4. He is completely self-taught and his persistence and unlimited hours that he put in his work have made his the master of the art that he is today.


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