Top 8 Uses Of Vinegar You Need To Know!

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A househlod requires a lot of products to stay clean and tidy! From cleaning products to cooking ones. But did you know that there is a products that goas both with the kitchen and with your cleanging tools? That is vinegar! It naturally has some – let’s call them- powers that can really help you get rid of any unpleasant surprise! 


1. Vinegar is great for descaling.


2. Helps fresh flowers live longer.


3. Cleaning dry stains.

Mix 1 tbsp of dish soap, 1 of white vinegar and 2 glasses of warm water. This mixture will help you remove even old dried stains.


4. Gets rid of mold.

You don’t have to mix anything here; just pouring vinegar will help.


5. It can also kill germs.

Mix it with an equal amount of water and it will kill all the germs in your kitchen.


6. Cleans faucets and shower.

An equal amount of vinegar and water will do. Boil the mixture for 7 minutes, let it cool down and then use.


7. Helps polish chrome items.

Mix vinegar with baking soda to achieve this!


8. Keeps your oven clean.

Mix water with some vinegar and let the mixture do the magic.


It turns out that vinegar is more helpful than you actually thought it would be!


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