Top Crazy Rules Every Princess Has To Follow!

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In case your are considering to become a princess in the near future, stop what you are doing and pay attention to this one. You thing being a princess is easy? Well, that’s because you were not aware of the really stict rules you must follow! Of course you must be glamorous and always friendly, but there are other rules no princess shall break. 

1. You have to follow the Queen’s household rules. 


2. Princesses are not allowed to vote.


3. Or run for political office.


4. You must be as charitable as possible.


5. They are not allowed to eat shellfish, in order to avoid food poisoning.


6. Becoming a princess also comes with no other plans for the future.

I guess that means that you will be a full time princess.


7. Princesses that used to be common people are not allowed to attend a prom after a blood princess.

That would be so if they were accompanied by her spouse.


8. If you think you can handdle these – and maybe more – rules, then you have the requirements to become a princess.


Never question a princess duty; you don’t know what is going on behind the doors.

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