Tragic Images Showing Dead Sea Birds With Too Much Plastic in Their Bodies


Campaigns against the use of plastic and the ban of plastic bags in shops doesn’t seem to make this gigantic issue diminish the tiny bit. Chris Jordan, a photographer who consentrates on capturing the repercussions of our consumerism on nature, made his mission to photograph the albatross, which lives and breeds on the island of Midway Atoll. This island is located 2,400 miles from Alaska and it is where these sea birds go to feed their young after catching their pray on and near the sea level. However, instead of catching small fish, they often catch pieces of plastic, which they end up feeding to their young.


The Seattle-based photographer and his small crew traveled to the Midway Atoll and spent some time to photograph the albatross.



The adults albatross roam the ocean to find squid or other fish that swim at the surface of the ocean or a little under it.



Sometimes they get confused and end up swallowing pieces of plastic, which they later regurgitate and feed their young with them.



As a result thousands of baby albatross chicks die each year from choking, poisoning and starvation.



20 tons of plastic debris is washed up in the Midway Atoll each year and approximately 5 of them are fed to the albatross.



The photographer wanted to make it clear that nothing was manipulated in the images and everything was photographed the exact same way that it looked like when the team found it.



Many other sea species face the same dangers, with about 1 million sea birds choking and getting tangled in plastic nets or other debris each year.




Chris Jordan won the Prix Pictet Photography Commission for this project of his, since the jury decided that his work spoke to them and the entire world louder than any other submission. For more saddening footage, you can watch the trailer he made about his journey on the Midway Atoll.

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