Travel Gadgets and Essentials That No One Ever Told You to Take with You


Traveling is an experience that many people choose to go for without thinking about it too much. They book their tickets and start packing their bags. However, they are bound to face a few issues as they are packing their suitcase or after they’ve arrived at their destination. They might realize that they are missing a few things or that they don’t have enough space to take all the essentials. While this is a serious issue, there is always a solution waiting for you to discover it. You must stop worrying about the space in your suitcase and backpack, because there are many smart ways for you to fix that and you should never worry about wi-fi, because this can be easily fixed as well.


1. Skyroam mobile WiFi hotspot

This incredible device allows you to connect up to 5 devices for $8 per day for unlimited internet. You can find it on Amazon for $40, which offers you 5 days of unlimited wifi connection.


2. Airborne immune supplement tablets

It is common knowledge that when you change climates, your body can react in a not very pleasant way and leave you sick for the rest of your trip. Taking vitamin C supplements before and while being on your trip is the best way to minimize the danger of falling sick.


3. Collapsible water bottle

There is nothing more annoying than having a water bottle taking half your backpack’s space after you’ve drank the water. That’s why it is worth spending $24 to buy a collapsible water bottle.


4. Packing cubes

Packing tubes have a dual importance: first, they keep your various items separate and second, they arrange the space in your suitcase perfectly.


5. A 35-liter carry-on backpack

Amateur traveler often taken a small fashion bag with them when they travel. This is a mistake that can be pretty tragic. You have to carry a backpack with you and it needs to be roomy. Anything between 25 and 35 liters is perfect.


6. A mirrorless camera

If you are going to make an investment for a travel camera, you better not buy a DSLR camera. Yes, they are good and they take incredible images, but they really heavy. Mirrorless cameras are so much lighter and they take as good pictures. They are just ideal for traveling.


7. Steamfast travel iron

An iron is a gadget that we definitely need when going away. Your clothes gets so smushed in your suitcase that it is impossible to wear them without ironing them first. This extremely small travel iron with surely make your life easier and won’t put too much weight in your bag.


8. Female urination device

If you are a woman, you know how uncomfortable it is to want to urinate when you are somewhere in the woods hiking. With this device you won’t even have to sit down.


Traveling can be pretty uncomfortable and difficult when you have not prepared yourself correctly. Maybe you will not be able to afford everything on the above list, but you can find cheaper solutions that will solve the same problems.


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