Trend Alert: Fishtail Eyebrows Are Taking Over Instagram!

Front image by | aboutbeautyfashion_nl | stephvanales

During the past year, many weird eyebrow trends took over on social media. But just because 2017 is not here anymore, it doesn’t mean that the eyebrow trends have to go, as well. Fishtail eyebrows are becoming more and more trendy on instagram because shaping your brows is weird formations is something we’ll never get enough of! 


1. We present you the new trend!

Image by | laur_elyse

2. It is pretty edgy, isn’t it?

Image by | stephnavales

3. I think that we can also name it the devil’s horns trend.

Image by | d.ivett

4. For an instagram picture is looks great, but in real life it’s not very common…

Image by | naomiarroyomua

5. Who would dare to take these brows outside? 

Image by | ayo_coralie

6. Honestly, I’ve seen many weird brow formations, but this one is quite odd.

Image by | aboutbeautyfashion_nl

7. What have your brows done to you to deserve this?

Image by | sadiaslayy_fanpage

8. As I said before, it’s only suitable for instagram. You can create this, take a picture and then go back to your normal eyebrows.

Image by | queen_lacheefuh.

I really wonder, what might be the next trend. Arrow brows? Heart shaped brows? Who knows…


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