Tricks That Can Make Wood Panelling Work in Every House


Wood panelling is one of the most common structures in summer houses or residents in the suburbs of big cities. It is easier and much cheaper to put wood on your walls instead of cement and it creates a more welcoming and warming atmosphere. Sometimes people do not put much thought into wooden panelling, making it look boring and tasteless, which is very easy to happen with wood given its simplicity as a material. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend a tremendous amount of money to brighten it up and make it look more lavish. The solutions you have are very simple and affordable.


1. When you have one wall with wood panelling, which you wished you hadn’t, you can put a few shelves and conceal it a bit.

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Simple, right?

2. Hanging some art is the most basic advice that will beautify not only your wooden panelling, but the entire room.


People should have been aware of this by now, but I guess some of them are not.


3. Wooden panelling is usually put vertically, but for a change you can make it run horizontally so that it works in harmony with every other piece of furniture.


That’s a trick for those who want some innovation in their space.

4. A dark colored wooden panelling can make the wooden material stand out less than it would if it was painted in the shades of wood.


It will also give a modern touch to your space.


5. If your house was already built with wood panelling, you can keep it in a few places, with the ceiling being a great idea. 


Doesn’t it look nice?

6. Long drapes will help ‘break’ that whole wooden theme and create a less ‘noisy’ and ‘heavy’ atmosphere.


If that’s what you are looking for, then go for it.


7. A wooden panelling so bright needs soft touches, which refers mostly to white or beige furniture and decorative elements.


Isn’t that lovely?

8. Sometimes bad wood panelling can’t be fixed with anything but bright white color. This way your house gets the vibe of a cottage house.


No problem is unsolvable and when you get presented with a specific problem, you have no other choice but find a way to solve it. Wood panelling is popular simply because it can be perfect for any house, but only if the choices you make regarding the material are the right ones.


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