Truths Every Couple Should Be Aware of If They Want to Make Their Relationship Last Longer


When you are entering a casual relationship you never really care about making it last for years. You just make sure that you have fun for as long as the enthusiasm period lasts. It’s when you start a devoted and serious relationship that big issues occur. When you take each other seriously, you start noticing even the slightest annoying thing on your partner and you end up fighting a lot. Although fighting is healthy and natural to occur in a relationship, it has to be resolving in order to be productive. Leaving matters unsolved creates even larger issues that will reappear in the future. This is only one of the truths that will help you keep a healthy and long running relationship. Keep reading to discover what are the rest of them.


1. You have to accept that jealousy will be a part of your relationship

Jealousy is something that can’t be gone from your relationship. This means that a certian incident might trigger your partner to act jealous. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to have a huge fight about it.

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2. Understanding how happy and unhappy couples operate

A happy couple will have more positive interactions, when an unhappy couple will have the same amount of positive and negative interactions. Also, a happy couple will resolve a problem within a few minutes and while keeping a positive attitude.


3. Being friends as well as partners is important

The emotional connection you have with your partner is 70% of your satisfaction in your relationship. This means that becoming friends as well will keep you deeply connected rather than just sexually intrigued.


4. Spend time for small gestures

It is important to kiss and hug your partner when meeting and saying goodbye, since it shows that’s you’ve missed them and will miss them. You should also spend some time talking about your day and the possible issues that might have occured in your life and work.


5. Accept the fact that your bodies might change

A non-single person doesn’t feel the need to impress anyone anymore, since they know that they have someone who loves them for who they are and not how they look. You should be able to understand that before even getting in a relationship.


6. The Michelangelo effect

Michelangelo is known as a ‘magician’ sculptor who had the ability to uncover hidden majestic forms in stone. This is exactly how partners should operate inside a relationship and try not to change each other but uncover the best self of one another.


7. Having the same sense of humor

Laughing on a daily basis with your partner is very important in order to maintain a happy relationship. Laughing means having a good time and having a good time results in building a beautiful relationship.


8. Doing house chores together

Partners who share house chores show that they appreciate their shared life. They also tend to be more satisfied with their sex life. Even in the case that someone is lazy around the house, a simple ‘thank you’ will be more than enough to show appreciation.


Maintaining a healthy and long-lasting relationship means a lot of hard work and not giving up on each other even if the odds are against you. If you feel inside of you that this is the real deal, then you should fight for it.


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