Two Models Asked Photographer to Make Them Thin in an Effort to Show the Deception of Photoshop

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When we hear the word model, we immediately create a specific image in our heads of a woman who is thin and tall and wears fashionable clothes. If you exclude the last part, the other two are only prejudices that should be brought to an end. Why can’t a heavier woman model clothes and accessories and pretty much everything a thinner woman can? I guess you’ll say that it is not aesthetically pretty and here we’ve reached the source of the problem, where sadly our society puts what’s aesthetically beautiful ahead of humanity and humans in particular.

Diana Sirokai and Callie Thorpe are two models, who decided to do a project showing the amazing lengths in photoshop the fashion world reaches.

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Professional photographer Karizza was the one to photographs the two girls and later photoshop their bodies.

Instagram | calliethorpe

Callie describes herself as a sassy gal, who loves the internet. Her website is truly one of the best places to be when on the internet.

Instagram | calliethorpe

One of the things that she would tell her daughter is that not being able to fit in a particular pair of jeans may seem the worst thing in the world, but is not.

Instagram | calliethorpe

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