Unknown Facts About Everyday Things Will Thrill Your Brain


Everything that has been created and manufactured has its origins at a human brain. All the things that we use and consume everyday have been created by people, which means that they are not as complicated as we thought they were. Or maybe are they? Sometimes we take for granted that we know everything about one certain object, but when someone with more knowledge than us explains how it is actually used or some of its features we had no idea about, we are stunned and a bit clueless.


1. This small hole on the pen lid has been designed in case someone swallows it whole. It helps increase air flow and can be a real life-saver.


2. Trailers in movie theatres used to be played after the movie and not before. This is why they are called ‘trailers’.


3. It is quite known by now that the small pocket in jeans was made for cowboys to put their pocket watch in.


4. Did you know that Barbie’s full name was Barbara Millicent Roberts and she was born in March 9, 1959?

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5. If you thought that croissants originated in France you’re wrong. They were actually invented in Vienna.


6. Next time you go to the bathroom and show no respect about toilet paper, remember that 127,000 trees are cut daily to meet its demands.


7. In the 1700s chocolate milk was thought to be therapeutic and was sold as medicine.


8. This one might have reached your ears, but most people don’t suspect a thing about why this hole exists.


Now, how would you react if I told you that cotton candy was invented by a dentist and was marketed as ‘fairy floss’ long before we all knew how bad it actually is for our teeth? This is one of the amazing number of unknown everyday facts that we have no idea about.


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