Unusual Ice Cream Flavors That You Can Find


Vanilla and chocolate may be your first choice when it comes to ice cream flavors, but there are so many choices out there, that you should start reconsidering your options. Why stick to the same old flavors when you are given the opportuinity to taste ice creams that are one of a kind? I mean, life is a journey and if you don’t try out as many different rides as possible then what’s its use?

1. Arizona’s Sweet Republic is probably the only place that turns cornbread into an ice cream and I have to say that my curiosity has reached its peak.


2. Sweet Action Ice Cream is one of the most unique ice cream flavors made entirely of goat cheese.


3. Walnut Beach Creamery will serve you tea in an ice cream cone. Black tea and shortbread are the two main ingredients of this unique flavor.


4. Azucar Ice Cream Company offers you the option of a light banana flavored ice cream with fiery Red Hots as a topping.

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