Unusual Information About Restrooms All Around the World


One of the main things that tourists need when they are on a foreign language, but they don’t actually realize how much they take it for granted is the bathroom. In most European countries, going at a public or a restaurant’s bathroom is a normal experience with nothing to comment on. Although, in some countries in Europe, you may be asked to pay a small fee in order to visit a public bathroom. Besides that, things are pretty safe. But, when you visit some countries in Latin America and Asia, you come across issues that you never thought could actually exist. Let’s see all the unusual bathroom information.


1. Cuba


In Cuba don’t expect to find toilet paper already in the toilet. You should carry your own from home.

2. Sweden

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Public bathrooms in Sweden are not free of charge. I would say that this may seem unpleasant for everyone, but it makes sense since their public bathroom as prettier than many house bathrooms you’ve seen.


3. China


Don’t expect a private stall in China. Get ready to squat, while strangers are passing in front of you and doing their thing next to you.

4. Antarctica


As beautiful as Antarctica is, it is far from perfect. Your waste here goes all in the ocean, so don’t ask why some species become so easily endangered.


5. South Korea


The woman you see cleaning is called an ajooma and you might see her in front of you right at the time that you have unzipped your pants and are ready to pee. She will do her job while you’re doing yours.

6. Australia


When it gets very dry in Australia, snakes try to find hydration in toilets. This is why they pop out of stall when you least expect them.


7. India


Here, is the land of freedom. Almost half of India won’t bother use a toilet. They will just leave it wherever they feel comfortable.

8. Mexico


The sewer system in Mexico is VERY progressed as you can see. This means that if you throw the tinniest bit of paper, the whole thing will block causing much trouble.

You see, hygiene is not the only issue you can come across in bathrooms in different places on the planet. Where there is great hygiene, expect to be charged a little bit on your food, drinks and even a bathroom fee.


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