Unusual Tattoos That You Might Not See Anywhere Else


When visiting a tattoo parlor, most people have already a design in their mind or they have an idea and work on it with the artist. This way they create something that speaks to them and looks good. This is not how every customer works, since there are many people who don’t think very much about getting a design. They might even lack the ability to judge whether a design is good in quality or not. This is how we end up seeing so many unusual and odd designs that we would never wish they were tattooed on our bodies.


1. UV cat tattoo


This one is visible only when UV light is thrown on it.

2. For Star Wars fanatics

Instagram | _____tukoi_____

I get it why you love Star Wars so much, but I don’t get it why you chose such an awful tattoo design.


3. Star dust magic

Instagram |

Although the hand is very well done, the stardust is pretty weird and unconnected.

4. Desk chair


The amazing thing about this chair is that as your skin stretches back it looks like it stretches back as well.


5. A very angry spine


6. Yeah, I don’t get this one


It is not bad, but it’s pretty meaningless.

7. Fear of sliding


Looks like a tattoo that someone would do on themselves.


8. Honoring brotherhood


Unusual tattoos doesn’t mean that they are bad tattoos and poorly made tattoos. It just means that their design is pretty weird and can’t be really explained.

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