Vestmannaeyjar’s Small Island in Iceland May Be Home to the Most Isolated House on Earth

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Vestmannaeyjar is a coastal town and archipelago off the south coast of Iceland. Heimaey is the largest island, having over 4,000 in population. The rest of the archipelago’s 12 islands are uninhabited, but 6 of them have hunting cabins built for hunters to spend their nights there. The island that draws the most attention is Elliðaey, which is one of the islands that have one hunting cabin. However, many people like speculating crazy theories, like the one that it belonged to singer Bjork. Visiting Vestmannaeyjar will give you the opportunity to see this isolated cabin and also enjoy the endless nature of Iceland.

The volcano erruption

In 1973, Vestmannaeyjar was hit by a tremendous volcano erruption, which destroyed many buildings and made people evacuate their properties.


Efforts to halt the lava flow

The entire population of the island moved to mainland Iceland and the authorities had to throw 6.8 billion liters of cold sea water to halt the melting lava.


The archipelago consists of 12 smaller islands

Heimaey is the largest island and the only one occupied by people. The smallest island, Geirfuglasker, is only 5 acres long.


Many islands have been built due to erruptions

All the islands have been built up in submarine eruptions and consist of alternating layers of palagonite tuff and lava. The oldest geological formations are in the northern part of Heimaey, the largest island and the only inhabited one.


The archipelago gets a lot of rain, but very little snow

Due to its climate, returning migrant birds are often first seen in spring and they set out from the islands in autumn. All of Iceland’s seabirds can be found in Vestmannaeyjar: the guillemotgannetkittiwakeIceland gull, and puffin.


Hundreds of plant pieces and insects can be found in the island

150 plant species of flora and about 80 types of insect types have been identified in the islands. Also, the waters around the Vestmannaeyjar contain some of the North Atlantic’s richest fishing grounds.


This cabin at the Elliðaey island has been the center of various speculations

Many people speculated that this house belonged to singer Bjork, but soon the Hunting Association of the island announced that it was used as a hunting cabin.


This island has no population of people or wildlife


Vestmannaeyjar is famous for The National Festival, which attracts thousands of visitors every year. Also, it has been featured in two films and two novels and one of the leading football teams of Iceland is based at the archipelago.


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