Vibrant Patterns for Country House Wallpapers

If you’ve visited a country house you’ve definitely noticed that almost every wall of the house is covered with wallpaper. The interesting part is that the patterns usually chosen for country houses are the most vibrant and colorful you will ever see, with lots of flowers and various other designs. The relaxed atmosphere of the country plus the connection of farmhouses with vacation are the two main reasons that country houses are decorated in a way that nobody could ever feel sad sitting in any room.


1. The flowery wallpaper is in agreeing conversation with the bed and the old-fashioned chandelier is only here to agree more.


You have to be really good at decorating to pull something like that off.

2. The wallpaper itself would be nothing if the round mirror and the various frames were absent.

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I would never have thought of something like that.


3. The light blue patterned wallpapers matches perfectly with the wooden ceiling and the golden table.

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This colour combination is definitely one of my favourites out there!

4. A less noticeable wallpaper gets support from the green textured head of the bed.

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The patterns unexpectedly match with each other.


5. A very traditional and old-fashioned wallpaper that is followed by antique furniture and decorative objects.


Doesn’t it look like a vintage painting?

6. An incredible white and blue patterned wallpaper that is presented as very upscale with the addition of the big flower pot.

Pinterest | Carina Juliet

In general, people tend to forget that the plants in their house need to match with the rest of the decorations.


7. If you have the ability to combine your wallpaper with the chairs of the dining table you should definitely go for it.

Pinterest | Olga Uzdennikova

This image is probably my favourite.

8. This heavily lighted room could be a replacement of your town house’s white room.

Pinterest | Design House

Many people are afraid to choose a heavily patterned and full of color wallpaper, since they don’t want it to attract all the attention, but what’s the point in decorating a house that people won’t notice?


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