Vincent Bal Transforms the Shadows of Simple Objects into Imaginative Shapes

Instagram | vincent_bal

The shadow that an object can create can be different based on the direction and the power of the light that is being thrown to it. I am sure that you have experienced quite a few times seeing an object creating a shadow that has nothing to do with its real shape and size. Sometimes other objects interfere and the light itself helps create a shadow that is not actually there. This weird fact is exactly what artist Vincent Bal decided to take on as his professional career.

Vincent is a Belgian artist and filmmaker, who puts normal objects in front of the light and draws the unexpected shadows of them.

Instagram | vincent_bal

Watching the shadows of usual objects, he can’t help but imagine the most playful doodles.

Instagram | vincent_bal

When he makes a film, it takes almost three years to transfer his idea to the audience, whereas here is only takes a few minutes.

Instagram | vincent_bal

He has hilariously named his unique type of art ‘shadowology’, which is nothing like Scientology.

Instagram | vincent_bal

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