Weird Things Only Babies Can Do!

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We’ve all been babies once, even if we usually forget it. Most babies tend to act the same way -crying, pooping and crying again- untill they start growing up. But did you know that a baby can actually do more than that; they actually have ”superpowers” many grown ups would envy? I guess this is why they are so amazing!


1. Babies do not actually cry.

After birth and during several following weeks, babies are not able to shed a tear, due to the fact that their tear ducts are still developing. Instead they scream and moan a lot.


2. They feel great underwater.

They tend to naturally hold their breaths and start swimming.


3. The swallow and breathe at the same time.

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4. Babies can sneeze continuously.

This happens as their nasal passages are way too narrowed and therefore need cleaing more often.


5. They have natural accent.

Scientist say thay they get in the womb once they hear their mothers voice.


6. They know how to crawl.

A baby in fully capable of crawling up to his mother breast. Scientists believe tha this is because they smell the milk and that is what lures them.


7. Babies are quite flexible.


8. A baby can tripple its weight and not get fat!

During the first year of their lives a babies weight might change a lot. But their constituition is not affected and they grow quickly.


They might act strange but we still love them.


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