What Does It Feel to Fly with the Cheapest Airline in the World?


There are various low fare airlines around the world, but according to Rome2rio there’s in only one that deserves the number 1 spot and it is Tigerair from Australia. Many low fare airlines were analyzed based on international and domestic flights in order to paint a picture of global pricing. The researchers tried to find how much money are spent on average per km and Tigerair came first with $0.06 per km. But, how is it to fly with the cheapest airline in the world? Is it safe and pleasant or maybe horrible and frightening?

Tigerair spends approximately $0.06 per km

The airline is based in Melbourne Australia.


It was once voted Australia’s worst airline

Although, many suggest that after it was bought by Virgin Australia Group in 2014 it turned its fate around and started acting more professionally to its passengers.


Tigerair offers flights to 13 destinations in Australia

From being the worst airline in the world, Tigerair has gone to give beautiful experiences to its passengers.


It is very likely to be welcomed by smiling flight attendants

If the Instagram posts of the airline are true, every passenger gets a warm smile of welcome when entering the airplane.


The crew looks very stylish considering the fact that they work for a low fare airline

Simple, but stylish is Tigerair’s policy. No bold, bright colors that deliver a kitsch sensation.


Passengers have been known to serenade the entire aircraft with their musical instruments

This is not actually an airline offer, but happy travelers express themselves accordingly and if so it means that the airline should be proud for making passengers feel this way.

Instagram | tigerairaustralia

They recently installed leather seats, adjustable headrests, storage pockets and tablet/phone holders

Instagram | tigerairaustralia

Their new ‘tiger bites’ menu includes mac and cheese, chicken and chips and cinnabuns


Paying a low fare flight doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have any expectations from the airline. Every person’s money should be appreciated and everything starts from a warm welcome at the entrance of the airplane.

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