What Is the Truth about Gianni Versace’s and Andrew Cunanan’s Relationship?


After American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace premiered everyone was curious to see the angle that the production team would keep towards the matter. Now that the show is almost finished, we can clearly say that the show concentrated a lot on Andrew Cunanan and his life before he committed the murder of Gianni Versace. The entire show wanted to look into two things: first, the sick and distorted mind of Cunanan and secondly, the relationship that these two men had. They couldn’t have been complete strangers, but they also mustn’t have been very close. Let’s see what is closer to the truth.


Gianni’s life

Gianni was a proud homosexual, who was heavily involved in the nightclub life and was regularly inviting men to his mansion, where his steady boyfriend lived as well.


Cunanan’s appearance

Andrew Cunanan was a master in lying and deceiving and it is being said that he made his way to Gianni’s path after seeing him at a club.


Their meeting

In 1990, Gianni spotted Andrew at a club and approached him. He remembered meeting him in the past, which totally flattered Andrew.


Cunanan’s stories

After that meeting at the club, Cunanan started telling people that he ‘’went way back’’ with Gianni and at one occasion he even said that he saw an opera with him.


Versace’s family

Gianni’s family have been denying for the past 20 years that he ever met with his killer, but it seems that proof shows otherwise.


Sex-for-hire circle

Both Gianni and Andrew were involved in this circle, the first as procurer and the second as purveyor, but no one can verify if they had ever been involved in this manner.


Cunanan’s life

Cunanan would tell everyone how he knew Versace and many other celebrities and his closest people knew that his words never contained one bit of truth.


The killer’s motive

20 years later, no motive has been found, but we can assume that it was a mixture of Cunanan’s need for attention and hatred for gay powerful men.


There are many people who have said that they’ve witnessed Gianni and Andrew meeting, so there is no doubt about that. Although we can’t know the real extent of their relationship, we can be sure that the two had met and hanged out a few times, which was something that meant a lot more for Andrew.


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