What You Should Never Flush Down the Drain and the Toilet


Have you ever seen a movie, where the actor does their thing and then throws the paper towel in the toilet? It’s one of the most common materials that many people throw in the toilet and expect them to go down. Well, I have bad news for you. Toilets and sink drains are not garbage bins and they cannot dispose of what’s indisposable. There is a perfectly good reason that there is a trash can next to your toilet and in your kitchen. Anything that’s solid goes in the bin and when it comes to liquids you should check whether it is okay to throw it in the drain.


1. Paper towel and cleaning wipes

You might think that paper is easily dissolvable, but it is not. It will clog your toilet in a matter of days and it will cost you a plumber to come and solve the issue.


2. Cat litter

Even if the box says that it is flushable, you should not flush it. Cat litter dissolves very slowly and even when it does it will create problems in your sewer system.


3. Diapers

Diapers are too big to get dissolved or going through your drain. Even if they claim to be disposable, you should avoid flushing them down the toilet.


4. Tampons

They might be small, but tampons can easily clog your pipes and create deeper issues that won’t be resolved without a professional’s help.


5. Q-tips

Q-tips and anything made of cotton is a large NO for your drain, since they will absorb water and double in size. This means that they won’t go down fast and create serious clogging.


6. Hair

We’ve all been there and seen that, but it seems that we never learn, so repeating the rule is the only good thing to do.


7. Oils and lubricants

I’ve seen what oils and various lubricants do to your pipes and trust me, it’s not pretty. The smell itself is the most disgusting thing you’ll ever experience.


8. Coffee grounds

They will get stuck somewhere in your pipes and create serious blockage.


Keeping your pipes clean is not the easiest task. Food residues and other dirt can easily slip down the drain and create blockage in the long run. This is something that you can’t control. What you can control is throwing bigger materials in your toilet and actually asking for a plumber to come and unclog your pipes.


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