What’s It Like to Fly with Spirit Airlines, the Worst Airline in America?


There are airlines where you are treated as a queen/king, but in most of the cases, you have to pay a lot for that kind of treatment. For most people, low-cost airlines are the only solution. However, not paying a lot to travel doesn’t mean that you should be afraid for your life or having to pay a lot in fares and other extras. Spirit Airlines is the absolute KING on charging extra for everything, apart from your seat. Not only that, but as we will see, it has a non-existing customer service, which makes matters for passengers even worse.


1. The prices on third-party websites are way lower than the real ones.

When you book a flight with Spirit Airlines all you pay for is your seat. Everything else is extra. Not only that, but you will have to pay various ‘unbundled’ fees, which will double the original price that drew your attention.


2. Every luggage piece is charged extra.

Carry-on bags are $37 each and the airline offers a combo, where with just $77.49 each way you can have one carry-on, one checked bag, seat selection, priority boarding and the ability to make changes at your flight for another small fee.


3. Just check out Trip Advisor to see all the horrendous reviews.

A simple google search for reviews will show you how terrible this airline is, with most of the users saying that they would never flight with Spirit Airlines ever again.


4. They charge extra to print your boarding pass at the airport.

Yes, if you want to print your boarding pass at the last minute, you will have to pay $10 to the employee who will do the job for you. Nice, ha?


5. The seats do not recline.

Not only the seats don’t recline, but they also have minimal cushion, which makes them quite uncomfortable, especially if you’re flying for many hours.


6. Obviously, the items on the menu are overpriced.

Like it happens with every low-cost airline, the things on the menu are extremely overpriced and smaller than in the real world. Also, the food items are way smaller than you would expect and their quality is questionable.


7. Your flight might get cancelled at the last minute.

Flights get cancelled and passengers are informed only minutes before the departure. Not only that, but sometimes there is no rescheduling until two days later and passengers are offered no accommodation for the inconvenience. Refunds are also nowhere to be found.


8. Customer service is non-existent.

One passenger said that when she tried to solve a matter with her luggage, the man at customer service didn’t even speak English and when a supervisor came, she questioned her like she had stolen something.

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There are low-cost companies that show respect to their passengers and give them what’s worth of their money. You should be careful with what airline you book with and always search for reviews before doing so.


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