When Cats Dance Like There’s Nobody Watching

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Cats must be some of the weirdest, most independent pet animals that we know of. They can be pretty distant at one moment and the next one they can get obsessive with you, following you everywhere you go and not letting close your bedroom dor without them in it. But, besides that they have their funny moments, where we see them acting like ninjas or even dancing to the sounds of Abba. The main reason their poses look so funny is due to their elasticity, which makes them look like ballerinas and even humans.


1. Twerk that fury booty!

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2. Professional ballerinas are jealous

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And they should be!


3. Break dancing with my paws

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He got the moves.

4. Just follow my rhythm pal!

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You can do it little pal!


5. The cat equivalent of John Travolta

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I’m jealous.

6. Listening to hip hop and breaking some moves

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Oh yeah!


7. Hey you, come be my partner through that waltz!

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Yes, you!

8. Phantom of the Opera in the making


How awesome is that?


9. Rumba partners


So sensual!

10. Yeah, work that pole!


Make it rain cutie!

11. Practicing for Swan Lake


I really think she got the part.

12. And wow, what a flip!


Even though I am a dog person, I will say it. Cats are way funnier than dogs. Dogs can earn your trust and adoration easier, but it’s cats who will make you burst into laughing tears.

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