When People Asked Strangers to Take a Picture of Them and Regretted It

Facebook | Lauryna Jončaitė

We’ve all been in the touch spot where we need a picture of our whole travelling group and we ask a friendly stranger to do the job for us. When we get over our first fear that they will grab our phone or camera and make a run for it, our second fear comes. Will they manage to take a decent picture or their finger will be exactly on the lens and they won’t realize that they have to switch from the selfie mode? That’s why I say that you should have everything already adjusted and the only thing that the stranger has to do is push the button.


1. Yeah, you never ask an elderly person to take a photo.

They will take a selfie and won’t ever realize it.


2. Doesn’t everyone want to have the picture of the legs of an old random person in a bathing suit?

Sharon Stone’s legs can now be deleted!

Twitter | SydneyMacKillop

3. These are the perks of travelling on your own and not having a friend to take a decent picture of you and the tower of Pisa.

Twitter | hotel_la_pace

4. No matter how many times you yell ‘’watch your fingers!’’, they will never really watch their fingers.

Instagram | adamandlianne

5. How did he/she manage to do that?

Nothing is in focus and you can’t even consider it an artful approach.

Instagram | arden_cho

6. Do you see the happy couple?

Oh, wait a minute. Where is it?

Twitter | tylersteffenma

7. That’s exactly what these friends wanted for their Facebook post.

Instagram | sonianni_

8. On Mr. Robot, the director uses frames like this very often, but in this case I’m afraid that keeping more than the heads would be necessary.

Facebook | Lauryna Jončaitė

The lesson we all learn from these pictures is that you try not to ask a stranger to take your picture and even if you do, you try to ask someone who seems like they know how to push a button and include your head in the frame.


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