Which Are the Biggest Secrets to A Long Life?


If you ask any doctor about the ingredients of longevity, they will tell you that healthy eating, exercising and no smoking or alcohol abuse will help you reach 100. They are not wrong, but they forget one very important and maybe the most important factor: positivity and a stress-free life. Being positive and not worrying too much about every small detail and incident that happens in your life is a blessing that not all of as can afford. This is why people’s hearts give out. Not because they eat too much meat or smoke five or six cigarettes a day. Seeing every difficulty as an exercise and every sad moment as the natural course of life will help you keep a healthy heart and a long life.


1. Theresa Rowley just turned 104 and she says that drinking diet coke every day has helped her reach that age.


2. Jeanne Calment, who died at the age of 122, stated that olive oil was the reason for her long life and nice skin.


3. Sarah Knauss was a very calm and tranquil person and that’s why she lived to be 119.


4. Christian Mortensen, who reached the age of 115, said that a good cigar, no alcohol, lots of water and singing will get you far in life.


5. Ruth Gruber used her camera and computer as a way to fight injustice and help people, which helped her reach the age of 101.

Feeling good about helping people, definitely contributes to better health.


6. Besse Cooper (116) said that refraining from junk food and treating everyone with respect got her to that advanced age.


7. Emiliano Mercado Del Toro turned 115 thanks to his humor and the jokes that he told every day until the day he died.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said a thousand times: laughing makes you live longer.


8. Dr. Laila Denmark got to the age of 114 after eating right and always doing what she loved. She never did anything that she didn’t want to do.


As you can see, leading a healthy and cautious life will benefit your life, but it’s your positive energy and good phychology that will make you go pass the limit.


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