Why Do People Believe That the Real Paul McCartney Is Dead?


If you type the words ‘conspirace theories’ on google, you will live a lifechanging experience, where many things that you believed were true, will be presented as fake or staged. One of these conspiracy theories is that the real Paul McCartney died back in September 11th, 1966 in a car crash and the man that has been presented to us as Paul is nothing but a lookalike. This is not just a story that was said once, but a continuing theory that its supporters have based on proof. You probably have heard about the theory, but maybe not about their proof? So, let’s see why they are so sure that the real Paul McCartney has been dead for many many years now.


1. ‘Abbey Road’ and the signs


It is believed that the album cover for Abbey Road, which was released in 1969 was like a funeral scene. John Lennon is the priest, dressed in white, Ringo star is the undertaker and George Harrison is the gravedigger, who is dressed for work.

2. The introduction of new Paul


Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was released in 1967 and that’s where the new Paul was introduced. At one of the songs, you can hear the line “So let me introduce to you to the one and only Billy Shears”, which for conspiracists is proof that Billy Shears was the replacement.


3. The meaning of ‘A day in the life’


‘A day in the life’ was written by Lennon and McCartney and lines like “He blew his mind out in a car,” seem like clear references to Paul’s car accident where many people think that he died.

4. Starwberry Fields Forever

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In the song, many people claim they hear John Lennon saying ”I buried Paul”, a line that Lennon himself explained, saying that he says ”Cranberry sauce”.


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