Why Do People Cheat on Their Partners?


Infidelity has always been a problem in couples. If you ask your grandmother or any other older woman that belong in a completely different generation from ours, there’s a high chance that they will tell you that it’s okay for a man to cheat. He will go out, do his thing and then come back home to his wife and kids. And these women are fine with it as long as he is still providing for his family and does not show signs of neglect. Nowadays, things are a bit different. Not only both men and women cheat more regularly than in the past, but they will also do it without giving it a second thought, even at the very early stages of the relationships. Many couples agree from the beginning to an open relationship or marriage, but for those who say that they are exclusively together, it is highly possible that one of them will cheat.

1. Men


Men are more prone to cheating than women, simply because their testosterone levels make their desire for sexual intercourse bigger. They also don’t confuse the physical with the emotional.

2. Different personalities


Couples with less things in common are more prone to cheat on one another in an effort to find someone who they communicate better with.

3. Low self-confidence


People that don’t believe in themselves and lack self-confidence are going to look for self-validation by having multiple sexual encounters outside their relationship.

4. The situation


Some people don’t even think of cheating, but one bad moment makes them get carried away and they end up cheating on their partners. These are the people that usually come clean about their infidelity.

5. Long distance


It’s easier to cheat on your partner when you are living in different cities and even countries. The relationship might start falling apart and cheating seems insignificant.

6. Lack of sexual satisfaction


Some people might truly love their partners, but if sex is not as they want it to be, they will try and find something better elsewhere.

7. Lack of emotional satisfaction


This category is mainly occupied by women. Women care more about the emotional satisfaction in a relationship and will be slowly forced to cheat if their connection with the partner is not as desired.

8. Revenge sex


Who said that adults always act in that manner? Revenge sex is not always taken as an act of infidelity, since most of the times both partners do it, but it can’t really fix what’s broken.

Infidelity is the worst thing that can happen in a relationship. If a couple feels that they won’t be able to stay loyal, they should better make an arrangement from the beginning and save themselves the anger and distrust that an act of infidelity with bring later on in their relationship.


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