Why Do So Many African Societies Cut the Clitoris of Women?

They use dirty razors and knives to perform the highly unsanitary ‘surgery’


The small knife being used is usually considered sacred, so it is not washed for years, often ending up rusty. The most common practise involves injuring the vagina until it bleeds a little, scraping the clitoris until it shows blood on the surface or pinching the clit with small knife to extract the white “haram” part.


The various consequences from the unsanitary procedure


Women who suffer mutilation of their genitalia often face psychological and physical problems, including the transmission of HIV (due to unwashed razors), endless pain (no anesthesia is used), extreme blood loss (which can cause death) and various infections.

About 1/3 of the Sudanese girls suffering FGM do not survive


The pain a woman feels isn’t limited at the day of the procedure. She will also feel extreme pain at the day of her marriage when her vagina will be reopened and when she will give birth to her child. The pain of the procedure never leaves her and many women have said that urinating hurts after having faced the procedure.


90% of Indonesian mothers believe that FGM will make their daughters healthier


The World Health Organization determines that 90% of the mothers believe that the procedure will make their daughters healthier, 84.6% believe female genital mutilation can make their daughters’ vagina cleaner, 55.4% believe it will enhance their daughters’ fertility and 54.6% believe it will control their daughters’ sexual drive.

Female genitalia mutilation is nothing but another way of oppresing women and keeping them under the control of men. Men have always been coming up with practises like this and inserted them in a religious and cultural frame in order to make the women themselves believe that they must follow these procedures for their own good. It’s time we started taking these procedures seriously and not feel good that they haven’t reached our western societies yet.

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