Women Over 50 That Proved Anyone Can Change Their Life at Any Age

Instagram | iris.apfel

You must have heard people telling all kinds of wise things about life and how we should appreciate it because it is a gift. The only thing that I try to remember is that ‘life is what you make of it’. You can be rich or poor, but money is not the key factor to make your life the way you want it to be. You should never stop trying until you have a life just the way you dreamt it. There are 8 women who have understood that better than anyone and they now live a life that they always wanted to no matter what people think.


1. Iris Apfel, 96

Instagram | iris.apfel

Iris is now a legend in the fashion industry and her career proves that there is nothing that can stop you, but your own self. At age 96, she is an Instagram blogger and she has her line of accessories.

2. Ernestine Shepherd, 81

Facebook | Ernestine

Ernestine started exercising at the age of 56 and in 2011, at the age of 74, she was named the world’s oldest female competitive bodybuilder by Guinness World Records.


3. Baddie Winkle

Instagram | baddiewinkle

Baddy Winkle is an Instagram sensation, whose tagline ‘’Stealing your man since 1928’’ has become a popular saying.

4. Ross Smith’s grandma, 91

Instagram | smoothsmith8

Ross Smith is a professional prankster and funny man, who became famous when he uploaded a video where he kept staring at his grandma.


5. Park Makrye, 70

Instagram | korea_grandma

Park is a YouTuber, who makes make-up tutorials, which are usually accompanied by holiday vlogs, outdoor adventures and lessons about loving your body just as it is.

6. Maye Musk, 69

Instagram | mayemusk

The mother of Elon Musk has been modelling for almost 40 years and in 2017 she was signed by IBM modelling agency.


7. Lyn Slater, 64

Instagram | iconaccidental

All Lyn Slater did was arrive at the New York Fashion Week in an exceptional outfit and being surrounded by photographers that thought she was someone very big. Since then, her Instagram account counts more than 300,000 followers.

8. Sarah Jane Adams, 62

Instagram | saramaijewels

Sarah creates her own jewelry and she says that in order to go big in life it’s more about the attitude and less about the clothes.

These people are only some of the courageous creatures out there that don’t let age define them, but go for what they want no matter what some are going to think and say.


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