Women Who Prove That Wearing a Bikini Is Not Just a Slim Woman’s Game

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One thing that I can remember happening every single year when spring comes, is many women starting to say that it is time to go the gym and eat less, since the bikini period is almost here and they need to be ”ready”. What does this ”ready” mean? Well, it means that they are a slim and tonned, so that they look like supermodels at the beach. Not only this idea and belief hurts these women and creates a wrong perception on how a beautiful body should look like, but it also hurts the various other women who have some more meat on their bones. Luckily, in this crazy era of social media, chubby and full-figure women have come to realize their body’s beauty and that not everyone needs to be thin in order to be considered beautiful.


1. Ash Soto has vitiligo, but that doesn’t stop her from showing her bare skin

Instagram | radiantbambi

Along with all the supporters there always will be a few trolls and haters.

2. Sabrina tells the people to get over her weight and plus-size bikini figure

Instagram | sabrinastyled

Sabrina says that she is tired of people telling her to lose weight because they are worried about her health. She is feeling very healthy and alive as she is and she doesn’t need anyone to pretend like they care about her.


3. Nakitende Esther won’t spend another day being at war with herself and her body

Instagram | nakitende_esther

She just lives her life and doesn’t care about her age or weight. She’s also unapologetic about the things she says and believes and doesn’t care what anybody thinks about her body.

4. Tallulah Moon prays in a world that everyone has truly accepted themselves

Instagram | tallulah_moon

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