Wonderful Nail Hacks Every Girl Should Know

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People believe that nails are just there to look pretty. Well, this is not excactly the truth. Nails require a lot of care and of course there are some hacks about them that women who tend to take care of them need to know. These extremely simple tricks will help you solve even the slightest issue that you might ever encounter with your manicure routine.


1. If you have trouble opening a nail polish, then use a rubber elastic. It will open immediately.


2. Use band-aids to create the perfect french manicure. The results will surpise you.

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3. Learn how to create nail stickers by yourself by applying polish on a ziplock bag. Allow it to dry and then take it off. Cut it in any shape you want and then apply it on your nails.

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4. Spray your nails with olive oil to set your manicure and prevent smudges.

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5. Putting your nails into ice cold water will help them dry fast.


6. Use toothpaste to clear your nails of any polish smudges.

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7. Use a tea bag and some glue to repair a broken nail until it’s time to visit a professional.


Use vaseline around your nails so that the area around them won’t get any nail polish.


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These hacks are really effective and there is no other way of finding out but trying them yourself at home.


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