World’s Weirdest Ancient Fashion Trends That Used To Be Popular!

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Since the beginning of human civilization, one thing has never stopped changing; fashion. Honestly, just take a look back in the past and you will soon realize that fashion industries had launched some quite rediculous trends we all used to love! Even during ancient times, fashion was also in the spotlight, both for women and men! What was considered to be trendy back then, today looks very odd and one is willing to bring back such trends. Why? Take a look at the following pictures!

1. Eyebrow looks, Ancient China.

China, has always been -and will always remain- one of the countries creates fashion. Did you know that during ancient times it was very popular between women to have such shaped eyebrows?


2. Smile tattoos, Ainu People.

The Ainu people lived among Japan and even in some Russian areas. It was believed that if women has such tattoos on their faces, they would probably be most likely to get married and also find peace in Underworld.


3. Elongated skulls.

This was a worldwide trend. In order for people to have such skull, their parent should have bandaged their heads with a ribbon or put him in a special cot.


4. Black teeth, Ancient Japan.

This is more like a custom; this trend started from Japanese people who used to dye their teeth black. This trend was popular untill the 19th century.


5. Plucked eyelashes, Medieval times.

We guess hair was not ”a thing” in Europe!


6. Long nails, ancient China.

Such nails symbolised wealth and also lazyness! Chinese people used to believe that having long nails equals to an easier communitaction with the Gods!


7. Face tattoos, Maori people.

Maori people are known for their hige love for tattoos. Both men and women loved tattooing their faces.

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8. Long hair, Yao people, China.


I really believe ancient fashion trends were a little… ridiculous. What if future people look back at today’s fashion trends and start criticizing our choices?

What do you think?

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