Young Boy in Bangladesh Suffers from Progeria, Which Makes Him Age Extremely Fast

When The Curious Case of Benjamin Button came out in 2008 everyone thought that this was a great fictional scenario, but few people realized that this wasn’t altogether fictional. The only fictional part was that as the character of Brad Pitt grew older, he started looking younger. Progeria is the name of this rare condition, which afflicts newborn babies and makes them look decades older. It is not a condition that can be inherited, since most afflicted people do not live to reproduce. The two main symptoms that babies start showing from the very first months after birth are hair loss (alpecia) and lack of growth. Bayezid Hossain is a young boy from Bangladesh who took the internet by storm a couple of years ago when we learned about his story.


Bayezid Hossain is a 6-year-old boy

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But he is not just an ordinary boy.

He suffers from progeria


Professionally known as Hutchinson–Gilford progeria syndrome (HGPS), progeria is a rare condition that makes the afflicted kid age eight times faster than the normal rate.


The statistics


Only 1 in 8 million children are afflicted by progeria and until this moment only 50 kids have been known to suffer from it.

The baby’s birth


After his mother gave birth to him, she and her husband were alarmed by his appearance. The doctors knew nothing about his condition and the parents had to take him back home. In their community, their kid is being treated as a freak show and he is not allowed to go to school because the other kids are afraid of him.


The parents are proud of him


After the parents learned about their son’s condition, they received absolutely no help from anybody. Their neighbors continue to spread rumors about them, but they are proud of their kid and how smart he is.

No other kid will play with him


Bayezid spends most of his time all alone playing with a ball, since no other kids will go near him. His mother is devastated that she can’t do a thing to help him.


He survives on medicine


The parents have gone to many doctors and their son is surviving thanks to the medicine he gets. When his drugs are not working anymore, they try a new doctor.

He won’t live for long


In most of progeria cases, people don’t live for more than 15 years. Knowing that, Bayezid’s parents are devastated that one day they will lose their son.

Unfortunately, Bayezid was born in a country where medical knowledge is limited and people aren’t easily compassionate towards something they don’t know. They will easily call it ‘demonic’ and keep away from it when they should get as closer as they can get and keep it company.


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